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You’ve found this page because you’re looking for SEO services in Southport.

But what is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation is about making your Southport business website more visible on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)… think Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Lets cut to the chase. The real reason you’re here is because you have a business in Southport and want to find new customers. Who doesn’t? This is where my SEO Southport ranking service will help.

Having a great looking website is important, but if the site has not been optimised to get you the best visibility on the search engines, then no-one is going to see the site you’ve just paid thousands of pounds for. You need someone you can trust to help.

We are over the moon with what you have done, 95% of the bookings we have taken for July and August have been brand new customers which is just brilliant – The Paddocks Luxury Cat Hotel, Whitestake, Preston


The first step to improving your website rankings is knowing where to start. And that’s why I offer free audits on any website so that you have a better understanding of the current position of your site and what needs to be done to improve it.

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What Is The Importance Of SEO For My Southport Business?

If you have a business, having a positive SEO strategy is essential:

  • Over 93% of searches for a product, service or information now starts online. If you don’t have an online presence (or a poor one) you could be missing out on valuable customers finding your business today!
  • Over 90% of people worldwide use Google as their preferred search engine. This is followed by YouTube, also owned by Google!
  • SEO has a higher return on investment than any other marketing or advertising strategy, as SEO is a long-term strategy rather than instant.
  • If you’re not in the first page of Google for your chosen search, chances are you’re missing out. It’s estimated that 75% of users never click beyond page one of the search engine results!
  • And even if you’re on page 1, you could still missing out, with 75% of all of the clicks being generated by the top 3 results on a SERP.
  • If you’re a local business the percentage of people searching for your product or business locally could be as high as 72% – making local search essential for small businesses, especially bricks and mortar ones.
  • 61% of people research a product or service online before making a decision.
  • Since 2015, mobile search has overtaken searches from a PC or tablet, with 87% of smartphone users making at least one search per day

By building up your organic traffic from search engines via the search results, you’re building a long term strategy which will last far longer than any PPC investment. 

How Can My Southport SEO Services Help Your Search Engine Rankings?

By working with me to provide an SEO service to help improve your internet marketing, you are engaging an experienced SEO company, one that has helped both local businesses for local SEO as well as national and e-commerce companies to sell their goods and services.

I provide only White Hat SEO (approved SEO techniques aimed at improving your organic search results on the search engines). 

I can help with the following:

Technical SEO

Some websites have technical issues that can have a negative impact on their Google ranking as well as customer engagement. Issues such as broken links, deleted pages, speed issues and a range of other technical problems can be reviewed, investigated and resolved and then pages can be re-indexed so that Google can confirm that issues are resolved.

Older, larger sites can often have historical issues which may have been in place for many years – often owners are unaware of these and resolving these can be a “quick win” and provide a simple and easy boost to get your site ranking quickly. 

Problems such as the speed of your site, whilst not having a direct negative effect on ranking can in turn cause issues which do. Google uses factors such as the time spent on web pages, the CTR (click through rate) and other factors which speed has a negative impact on and in turn effects the user experience. Google wants to see engaged users on your site – and by giving them a positive experience and engaging content means they are more likely to stay on your site longer – good for you and for your Google rankings!

On Page Optimisation (On Page SEO)

“Content is king”. We’ve all heard the saying. And whilst that is true, having the content optimised correctly on the page is important as well. There are a number of factors which influence on page SEO, including (but not limited to):

  • Meta title and descriptions
  • The use and structure of meta tags
  • Page URLs
  • When and where to use your keywords
  • Giving the user engaging and relevant content in a way which appeals
  • Image ALT tags

By using a range of SEO tools coupled with Google Search Console and Google Analytics your individual pages can be reviewed to see how users are getting their and how and what needs to be changed to each page individually to better match the search queries and improve your on page SEO.

Off Page Optimisation (Off Page SEO)

Google is always looking to find trusted content. Link building, guest posting and brand / service mentions are ways which it uses to see who is talking and linking back to your content.

But it’s also trying to establish that you are who you say you are. Even simple directory listings will help with your business SEO. 

What Other SEO Factors Are Important?

Understanding that there is no silver bullet in SEO is essential. Although there is a “core” range of factors that dictate who ranks above others, there are some important factors which are widely regarded as more important than others.

E-A-T – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

Probably the most important factor when it comes to ranking is E-A-T. 

Google wants to deliver the very best results when it comes to keyword search. But how does it know what content is better than another?

It does this through leveraging E-A-T. For pretty much any search, Google will use results where the content creator has:

  • Expertise. Searching for “which medicine is best for a headache” has to have an accurate answer. That’s why Google is more likely to deliver an answer from a Doctor than they are from a plumber. Someone in the correct field of search is probably going to give us a more accurate response to a query than someone who has little to no expertise. They are effectively looking for content created by a matter expert. 
  • Authoritativeness. Reputation counts. If you have a reputation as by an authority in a particular field, then Google will leverage this when it comes to returning results. Authoritative websites are ones that users that users go to when they want to find answers to particular questions. 
  • Trustworthiness. Google wants to provide content to you that not only they trust but so do other users. So, if you have your own website and many other websites link to it for relevant content, then Google sees this as a trustworthy site and one they are likely to rank above those that have no incoming links.

E-A-T as you can appreciate is not something that occurs overnight. Even a professional has to build up their reputation on line, and this process can take years, and is completely organic.

Search Intent 

Put simply, understanding how users search is essential when it comes to building content. I have written a full blog post on search intent to help you understand it’s important in more detail. 

SEO Clients

Below is a sample of SEO clients that I have helped with their organic search results since I formed Dream Web Design in 2020, helping boost their organic traffic and get found on the search engines. 

Higher End Construction

Higher End provide a range of services across a range of geographic locations. I have been working with the business to help improve the rankings to generate new leads for particular services which has involved a range of both on page and off page SEO services, as well as improving their rankings on Google Maps. 


Simply Wetrooms

Along with a brand new e-commerce website, I also worked with Simply Wetrooms to provide SEO services for the site, primarily focused on improving their on site SEO to help improve their search results. 

seo southport

The Paddocks Luxury Cat Hotel

On a small budget  the key was building out individual landing pages and optimising them to help get found on the search engines for local search, as well as boosting their Google Maps rankings.  

Your Southport SEO Agency – Dream Web Design

So when you’re looking to get your site ranked, you need someone you can trust in. Someone who cares as much as you do about giving you the best ROI (return on investment) – i.e. creating you as many leads as possible.

What you need is someone who is dedicated to helping your business get more traffic to your website and win more customers for you.  

And having someone local, who understands the area and will make the time for your business is important.

But you also need someone who understands SEO Southport. What it takes to get a website to rank beyond that original website build, and increase the site rankings over time to get your website visible and in a great position to help you win customers. 

The Southport SEO Company You Can Trust

I can help provide Southport companies with a range of SEO services, from technical SEO (reviewing current websites and advising what’s preventing them ranking), onsite SEO (updating your current website to get better visibility) and a variety of offsite SEO methods aimed at giving your website authority and trust.

And because I’m on your doorstep, I will come and visit you, discuss with you the options you have to give your a website that visibility boost you need, and advise the wide range of options you have in turning those visitors into customers. 

I want to give your business the best chance to be found by using correct SEO Southport methods – to boost your website up the SERPs and for your site to start winning you new leads. 

Providing Southport Digital Marketing Services 

Getting your website ranking higher than your competition is not an over-night event. It takes time, research, monitoring and updating. You need someone who is invested to put that time and effort in on your behalf. 

Providing a dedicated service is important. And having a wide range of skills, from SEO to Social Media and Email Marketing is also important to give you the very best return on your money, whilst also providing a variety of options to give your site a better chance of ranking.

The SEO Southport Agency Focused On Getting Your Website Ranked

When it comes to finding a company who is dedicated to your business, you want someone who can invest time on getting your website ranked higher on the SERPs.

I only take on a small number of clients at anyone time, as I look to ensure that I am completely focused on those customers who take me on to look after their online marketing campaign for them.

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy, and I always recommend to businesses they need to look at taking a 12 month contract. Although you can find quick wins on long tail, low volume keywords these often produce small numbers of clicks and visitors, that you need to focus on the higher volume keywords over a longer period.  

Do you provide SEO Services in Southport?

Absolutely. It’s what I focus my business on to ensure that those customers who I work feel confident that I know what I am doing. I work with a range of businesses across the UK to help with their SEO requirements, and work collaboratively with them to ensure the best results. 

How much does your SEO Southport services cost?

Every customer requirement is different. That’s why I don’t offer set priced packages, as I like to tailor a campaign bespoke to every client.

What this means is that you’re going to get the very best return on investment, as I don’t include things your business is not going to need and I can focus on the things it does.

Why should you choose me for your SEO needs in Southport

Unlike other companies who profess to be in Southport, I actually am! I live in Churchtown and have been living in Southport since 1984. You’re going to get someone local, who will take the time to visit you and discuss your business needs with you.

And because I do this, you’re going to get something specific to you. Not a carbon copy of another business which may not be the best fit for you.

I also provide a wide range of skills to my clients, and because it’s me, myself and I, there’s no confusion or cross over with the campaign. 

Finally… I only deal with a small amount of clients at any one time – I like to stay dedicated to my customers meaning I can give you more attention then a large company that has a wide range of customers they need to keep satisfied. 

Local Search – Get Found On Google Maps

For businesses that only operate in a small geographic location, then getting listed and ranked in the top #3 of the Google Maps Listing (sometimes called the Google Snack Pack) adds a further and cost effect way to being found for local search.

For a number of years, Google has been prioritising local search for when a user types a product and location. It displays a localised map and the companies that it recommends below the map – based on your geographic location and the reputation of those businesses near you. 

For example, typing in SEO Southport into Google lists this site as the #1 company for SEO in Southport. 

What’s great about Google Maps is that the listing is free and is often listed above both paid advertising as well as the organic rankings – which means that if your site is ranking high organically then you could have a number of listings on the first page of Google – win win!

Being listed highly on Google Maps can help you win local business. All it requires is for your listing to be claimed, optimised and maintained. 

Your GMB (Google My Business) profile includes important information such as your contact details, locations, opening hours, website and more – and like social media platforms you can post content on their as posts. All in all, it’s a great tool for ranking locally.  

WANT TO get found locally? got an unclaimed or unlisted gmb account?

Having an unclaimed account could be dangerous! Your competition could steal it and change important information to benefit them. Alternatively if you don’t have a listing, then you could missing out on customers looking for your service or product now. Contact me today to find out how I can help get you in the Google Map pack today!